Did you already lose all your data?

Just sharing my experience I faced again a RANDSOM Arhiveus-A attack, this is very interesting because they use RSA 2048 encryption and then they left a message to you.


Now we need to know what we can do to restore our files, then I access the TOR and follow the steps that was requested and the result was.


Yeap, we need to pay 1000$ to restore your file, but the thing most interesting to me was a button that you can test with one file, just to confirm that decryption will works, It’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Now just to finish my post I will say with certain, this happen because the user clicked in a link that he couldn’t and why they do this, we are facing yet a war against crackers and users, crackers with your experience and knowledge and users without experience and knowledge, weird my words but this is what I think about what I’m facing.

If you want to know more details about it please contact me.

Whats is your opinion about it? Share with me.


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